Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism Shared Values

This is a living document and was inspired by La Casa de Paz in Oakland.


  • Commit to engage in regular spiritual practice as individuals.

  • Reserve silence and space for spiritual practice in our house.

  • Maintain the house as a temple - clean, ordered, a place for inner communion.

  • Commit to cultivating and practicing discernment in our spiritual lives.

  • Frame our agreements together as being of spiritual benefit, rather than as limitations or rules.

  • Witness each other as we navigate our unique spiritual paths.


  • Commit to actively work in one’s own way toward social transformation.

  • Commit to engage in service, individually and as a group.

  • Engage directly with our local community.

  • Consider all our actions and service in the context of the larger needs of the world.

  • Analyze our service to make sure that it is helpful to the world.


  • Build together, work on our community as a common project, contributing to the reinventing of urban life.

  • Practice kindness/lovingkindness with one another.

  • Use consensus-based decision making; non-hierarchical, horizontal decision making.

  • Honor art, music, joy, and celebration as essential elements of community.

  • Community potluck one Sunday evening a month.

  • Regular house meetings.

  • 4-6 workdays a year (deep cleans, deep organization, working on garden, fixing things as needed, etc.)

  • No smoking within 5 feet of door- or window-ways, no drugs permitted (including cannabis), mild alcohol use is permitted.


  • Model nonviolent living and commit to nonviolence in our approach to social change.

  • Address our conflicts through restorative practices.

  • Assume nonviolence as the foundation in our communication with one another and with others.


  • As much as is possible in our urban environment, seek to live in close relationship to Nature.

  • Simplicity: live simply, taking only what we need.

  • Trusteeship: use what we have, only in the name of the greater good.

  • Healthy food (kitchen culture): strive to maintain our food as cruelty-free, corporate-free, and as local as possible.