Upcoming Events

Join us for our weekly potluck (every Sunday) and Sacred Activist Liturgy at BCSA!

What is a Sacred Activist Liturgy?
Our practices here at BCSA draw from the roots that underlie all mystical traditions and use “liturgy” as it refers to public worship, a communal response to and participation in the sacred. In sacred activism, that participation can take form in the silence we share, the response in how we answer the call to justice.

Our form is simple: a song by which to lift our voices together, a reading from which to draw inspiration, silence to connect to something greater than ourselves.

The flow:
5PM - Doors open!
5:30PM-ish - We eat!
7PM-ish - We practice!

Please bring a veggie-friendly dish to share, bring a friend, come as you are! All are welcome.

Looking forward to having you here.

Past Events 


Meditation for Social Change

Beginning Zen instruction w/Senior Dharma Teacher Colin Beavan

Sacred Activism on the Road

Metrics for Change

Dreaming Our Visions w/Fidel Moreno

Toxic Masculinity

How Can I Help? Anti-racism as Practice

Community events

House Concerts with the DharmaBumz and Harmonic Insurgence

Open-mic nights

Reflective discussions

Community meditation

People’s State of the Union with US Dept of Arts & Culture

Revolution of Values, a celebration of MLK with US Dept of Arts & Culture

Monastic afternoons (shared silent time)

Self-Care for Activists

Holiday Giving Circles

Monthly potluck

Interspiritual contemplative ritual

Clearness committees

Women’s truth mandala

Movement work

Poor People’s Campaign

Women’s March

Standing Rock

MoveOn - Canvassing for universal healthcare

Resistance Summer

Co-organized Drain the Swamp rally at Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office